Licensing / Commissions

Melody maker /sound shaper: Nick Gane & wordsmith, vocalist extraordinaire: Jennifer Hammond have pooled their talents together, creating some far out vibrant edgy tunes for the masses!

Their diverse musical catalog includes new romantic spy chiller: ‘Oblivion‘ (in the wheelhouse of James Bonds; ‘Live & Let Die’)  And: ‘Dr. Sleep‘ – a cinematic twisted journey revealing nightmarish tales & distorted reality. . . Or take in the pure melodic sounds of: ‘A Step Behind‘ with it’s catchy piano riff & alluring vocals.

Nick and Jen’s boundless musical explorations continue to cross multiple genres with style & grace!!



For licensing inquiries and to access their ever-expanding catalog, contact:

 Suzanne Hilleary:    (845) 626-2237

Nick Gane:


FOR FANS OF:  Agnes Obel,  Fazerdaze,  St. Vincent,  Lana Del Rey,  Death and Vanilla,  Heron Oblivion